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CLEVER Student Login:

CLEVER is an online education portal for easy technology in the class.

For login as a student follow our steps below:

  • Go to the official website of CLEVER. On top right corner click on “Log in as student”.
  • Here Search for your School by typing only two characters of it or you can directly login after your school Badge got scanned.
  • For two character option you need to submit your username and password for login.
  • Once you login to your CLEVER account you will be able to do different task provided by your school teacher.

CLEVER provides there service for applications and schools. About 60,000 schools use Clever to manage their student and teacher applications so they can focus on their student success. Through Clever both students and teachers gets a single login for all of their online learning programs and resources.

Take a look how clever helps to Applications and School:

For Applications Clever turns student complex integrations into simpler with great customer experiences. Faster deliver implementations —whether work is small or big and ensure application works for every student and every time.

For school Clever is a single sign on platform for all digital learning programs. Students and teachers have district tech administrators get automatic account setup and updates.

For Sign Up in Clever follow the below steps we have prepare:

  • At home page click on ‘Get started with Clever’ and choose one among four given options.
  • Provide your Email Id for account setup and Login Id Password.
  • Once you got your Login detail use them to create your profile completely.
  • Once you complete your profile for the first time you can access the ‘Clever’ facility as much as you can.
  • Clever is a complete solution for students, School, Districts and even Applications.

Unfortunately, Clever limits its service only to USA boundaries and if you belong outside of America you cannot use Clever as your school technologies. But you can help Clever to bring their service to your district by filling the simple form. Some normal questions will you have to answer for Clever services.

The details you need to fill for Clever service are:

  • Name of your school with district location.
  • Details of your district administration.
  • Reason why you want Clever service at your District.

Click Here for “CLEVER STUDENT LOGIN“. And stay connected with this page

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